Here Are 7 Surprising Reasons Why Xero Shoes Are The Most In-Demand Performance Shoe Of The Year

With 59,823+ reviews for an average of 4.8 stars, It’s Easy To See Why Almost A Million People Have Thrown Out Their “Normal” Shoes And Made The Switch To Xero Shoes


60% of Customers Own More Than 4 Pairs​

Satisfied customers can vouch that once you put on a pair of Xero Shoes and feel the comfort and the design that lets your feet work naturally, there’s no turning back. The wider toe box and “barely-there” light weight will have you saying goodbye to “normal” shoes and hello to natural comfort and performance.


Customers Have Accidentally Worn Them To Bed​

Imagine a pair of shoes so comfortable and lightweight that you forget you’re wearing them at all. For Xero Shoes customers, this is their reality. Some customers have even reported forgetting to take their shoes off while slipping into bed. That’s comfort redefined..


There’s a Perfect Style For Any Activity Level

Whether you’re at the beach, hiking a trail or going for a run your Xero Shoes have you covered. While they have a complete line of casual and performance shoes, boots, and sandals, they’re so versatile that you only need to bring one pair with you on vacation.


Walking In Minimalist Shoes Helps Build Foot Strength

Research done by Dr. Sarah Ridge shows that walking in minimalist footwear builds just as much strength as a foot exercise program. Dr. Sarah Ridge states that Xero Shoes should deliver the same benefits as the brand used in the study. This means you’re using quality footwear that’s made to help you stay healthy and active.


It’s The Only Shoe Endorsed By The Author Of The Bestselling Book“Born To Run”​

New York Times Bestselling Author, Christopher McDougall learned in his research to get over running injuries, and studying athletes who run ultra marathons in sandals, he found that “normal” shoes — overly padded, arch supporting, elevated heels — lead to bad form, which research shows can cause injuries. Because of that, the author never promoted or even mentioned any footwear brand… until he got a pair of Xero Shoes. The wider toe-box, zero drop heel and flexible soles are designed to help you run the way nature intended.


Recognized By The President Of The American College of Sports Medicine​

On Dr. Peter Attia’s podcast, the President of ACSM, Dr. Irene Davis laid out how her research shows that “normal” running shoes can lead to a gait pattern associated with injuries. She then compared that to how wearing minimalist shoes like Xero Shoes lead to improved movement, alignment, and feedback. That means that Xero Shoes don’t prevent your body’s natural movement but instead support it.


They’re The Only Shoe Company To Offer A 5,000 Mile Sole Warranty​

When you buy tires for your car, they come with a mileage warranty. Why don’t shoe companies do the same for their rubber-soled shoes? Xero Shoes do! Their FeelTrue® outsoles are backed with a 5,000 mile sole warranty… even though you may never need it. Xero does more than push the boundaries of comfortable, functional footwear… they push the boundaries on customer service too.

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