5 Natural Methods To Relieve Foot Pain

Foot pain is a common phenomenon that involves pain in the leg muscles. The pain may be caused by increased activity on the leg muscles, tissues and tendons. It may also signify an underlying disease. The foot undergoes a lot of pressure due to the body’s gravity. Overworking your leg muscles will, therefore, cause a lot of pain. This pain will occur mostly at the end of the day and sometimes at different times of the day. Foot pain is not life threatening but if you are worried about it, this guide will help you.

Natural remedies to foot pain

Soak foot therapy

This method involves soaking your foot in cold and hot water and salted vinegar to relieve the pain. Hot water promotes blood circulation in your foot; cold water stops swelling and relieves foot pain. You need to prepare hot and cold water in separate buckets at tolerable temperatures. Ensure that you sit in a comfortable seat; dip your leg in the hot water first for about 3 minutes. Turn to cold water for about 60 seconds, and repeat this process 3 times. You can also use hot and cold-water packs to relieve foot pain. For true pain relief, begin with heat and end with cold water. In addition, you can add salted vinegar in hot water and soak your foot in this mixture. This method is very effective for pain relief.

Honey mixtures

Honey is a very effective product for relieving foot pain. Honey has nutrients such as magnesium which promote the growth of cells. It also contains antioxidants that kill free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays that may cause foot pain. This helps relieve foot pain. You can prepare honey and salt and mix them in warm water then apply to the area experiencing pain. Tie that area using a clean gauze and keep it overnight. You can also drink 3-4 teaspoons of honey daily to treat foot pain.

Epsom salt and ginger

This is a compound found in natural sources. It is rich in magnesium sulfate. Sulfate eliminates toxins in the body while magnesium reduces inflammation and muscle pain. To implement this method, cut the ginger into small slices and roast them. Then, add Epsom salt to the roasted ginger and place this mixture in a towel. Apply the towel directly on the pain area and this method will quickly relieve your pain. Drinking ginger tea is also helpful in the treatment of foot pain.

Fish oil

Fish oil is a good treatment option for foot pain. It contains unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids which are excellent in relieving arthritis pain according to a 2006 study published in Neurology. To implement this remedy, you only need to use 3 grams of fish oil twice a day while cooking food. This will also reduce muscle stiffness and relieve foot pain.

Foot massage

Foot massage is very effective in relieving foot pain. It promotes blood circulation to your legs and relaxes your muscles. While massaging a patient’s foot, you need to allow him to lie on his back as his comfortable posture may cause more pain. Rub around the pain area from top to bottom to allow blood circulation. Determine the most painful areas and work on them lightly for about 2 minutes. You can also use massage cream while implementing this method.

Foot pain may prevent you from carrying out daily activities. Therefore, ensure that you wear comfortable shoes, rest adequately, exercise regularly and soak your feet daily in warm salty water. This will steadily reduce the risk of foot pain.